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About the Artist


With a personality as diverse, complex, and sometimes even as mysterious as Jason (Jay) Blount’s, Founder and CEO of JBClas6, it’s hard to truly describe him in just a few words. But if one were to take into account all that he does, all that he is, and all that he represents, two words would certainly come to mind:
Renaissance Man.
While he always had an interest in art (particularly drawing and creating clothing designs, logos, etc.) his passion lies in the infinite possibilities found on a blank canvas – and it shows in his work. It wasn’t until he ventured outside of his usual genre and took the suggestion of a friend to try his hand at canvas painting (something he grew up watching his father do), that he realized just how much he loved to paint. What started as a small suggestion, snowballed into a vision that would change the direction of this Renaissance Man’s life! He has since painted live at numerous events throughout D.C., Maryland and Virginia and donated thousands of dollars in paintings to various organizations throughout the years. His paintings have hung and sold in local galleries. In 2009, his works were also featured at the Congressional Black Caucus Convention in Washington DC.
And yet his passion for art (he paints, he draws), music (he’s a talented drummer), food (he’s an excellent cook), children (he’s a loved and well-respected youth minister), and life (he loves to have fun and makes sure everyone around him has fun, too) only come second to his love for Christ and his family, Jessika(wife), Jada(daughter), Noah(son and Jaylen(son).
It’s not often that one can say he knows a person who is passionate about and gifted in more than one skill. It’s even less often that one could say that he knows a multiply-talented person who is also humble, down-to-earth, noble, and handles himself and his work with integrity. But I will tell you this: Jay Blount is this man. He has, does and continues to be a blessing to all who experience him and his work – GOD’S work, through him…
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